Our Investors Have Over 1 BILLION Dollars
To Invest in Families... Just Like Yours!

Choose almost any home on the market that's For Sale, and our private investors will buy the home for you! You then would rent from them for a minimum of one year and up to five years. Choose from thousands of Atlanta area Rental & Rent-to-Own Homes!

Over 2,000 Rent & Rent-to-Own Options

With many years of experience and success, those insights have led to a better buying experience for clients. What if you were unable to test drive a vehicle before buying it? Would you still be as comfortable with your investment?

Now, imagine being able to test-drive a home before buying it. At, it is a lot like that. And the great news is, if you decide you don't want to buy the home, you don't have to.

Wait, there's more. If you decide that you aren't ready to buy, for whatever reason, you can simply continue renting. Yes, some caveats apply, such as signing a one-year lease. Want to buy a home? Not sure? Discover the options to buy, or not to buy, at (SEE VIDEO BELOW!)

Free Rent Your First Month!


Rental and Rent-To-Own Benefits

  • Free Rent for your first 1 month.
  • Hours of Free Movers are included with most of our rentals.
  • Bad Credit is OK. A minimum of 620 TransUnion Credit Score. (We also offer an alternative Rental Opportunity with a 550 Experian Credit Score!)
  • You pick the home you want to rent and/or buy.
  • Select from homes up to $550K, based on your income.
  • Lock in the home's purchase price and buy it in up to 5 years.
  • Thousands of Rental Properties & Rent to Own Homes homes to choose from.
  • Rent or rent-to-own for one year and up to five years (if needed).
  • Purchase the home at any time within the first five years.
  • We can close on your Home in 4 weeks.
  • You have the option of not buying the home during the rent-to-own period.
  • You’ll be shopping for a home that is for sale and not for rent. That's a tremendous difference in the quality and availability of homes.
  • Our aggressive all-cash offers help ensure that you'll get the home of your choice.
Use this chart to determine the approximate Rental Rates of over 2,000 Rental Homes. Rental rates are based on the sales price of the homes.
Home Sales Price = Approximate Monthly Rent:
300k – 400k   $2,000 – $2,700
401k –  550k    $2,600 – $3,500
Elite School Districts * Gourmet Kitchens * Finished Basements * Master Bedroom Suites * Luxurious Bathrooms * In-law Suites * Lakefronts * In-ground Pools * Fenced Yards & More!
Plus the safest and most sought-after locations the Atlanta area has to offer!
When necessary, our Investors will renovate the home of your choice, for you! New Carpet, New Appliances, Interior Paint & more.

An Alternative Rental & Rent-to-Own Opportunity for Low Credit Scores. (Minimum 550 Experian Score)

My secondary 1% Down Promotion does not provide free rent, free movers, or the free airfare gift card. This secondary investor will not paint the interior of your chosen rental, nor provide any appliances.

Locks are not changed and the maximum purchase price of a property with this secondary Investor is $500k. The application is free and a soft credit check is performed with Experian.

A minimum 550 FICO score is required for all applicants. Note that a 5% to 10% monthly Savings Plan is required with this offer. Call for specific details.