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Rental Qualifications

Georgia’s Most Stunning Selection of Rental Homes! Immaculate Rentals in over 15 Atlanta Metro Area Counties!

Review Our Easy Rental Qualifications

Rent & Rent-to-Own Requirements

This offer requires that you pay a Security Deposit, have a 620 TransUnion FICO credit score, and pay a $75 app fee. The $75 App Fee covers the entire family. (A criminal history check is also included.) 

550 Credit Score Offer

We also offer an alternative Rental Opportunity with a 550 Experian Credit Score! Please call us for our excellent "Low Credit Score" option.

$50K Gross Annual Income

Minimum $50k gross combined annual income. Your two most recent pay stubs are required for W-2 Employees. You can also submit an official offer letter with your employment start date and salary/hourly pay.

Tax Liens and Self-Employed: OK

W2 Employees need to provide their two most recent pay stubs. We also accept offer letters. But 1099 Contractors and Business Owners must provide their most recent Tax Return and/or two months of bank statements.

Bankruptcies: OK

Active Chapter 13 Bankruptcies are still considered. But Chapter 7 Bankruptcies must be discharged or dismissed. 

How To Rent a Dream Home

Step 1: Call Us To Apply for Your Dream Home!

Call us and then we'll send you our online application link. The usual turnaround time for approval is 1–4 business days. An approved application is valid for up to six months!
You'll be glad to know that it's a soft credit check with TransUnion and shouldn't affect your score.

Step 2: House Hunting for Your Dream Home!

Once your family is approved, we'll go house shopping for homes For Sale that you feel you may consider purchasing in the future. You can also view dream homes that meet your short or long-term rental needs.

Step 3: Investors Buy the Dream Home of Your Choice for You!

Private real estate investors will buy the home of your choice, in cash, and lease it to you with a “no obligation option” to purchase. You have up tp 5 years to decide if you would like to buy the home. You can exercise your right to purchase your rental home anytime within your lease term.

Step 4: Move Into Your Dream Home!

You may purchase the home any time after the first year or for up to five years. A minimum one-year lease is required. You are under zero obligation to lease or buy the home, after one year.
If you decide not to purchase, there is no penalty! The list price of the homes must be between $300,000 and $550,000.
The Investment Company will not purchase Fixer-Uppers, Foreclosures, Short Sales, REOs, or Government-Owned Properties.

An Alternative Rental & Rent-to-Own Opportunity for Low Credit Scores. (Minimum 550 Experian Score)

My secondary 1% Down Promotion does not provide free rent, free movers, or a free airfare gift card. This secondary investor will not paint the interior of your chosen rental, nor provide any appliances. Locks are not changed and the maximum purchase price of a property with this secondary Investor is $500k. The application is free and a soft credit check is performed with Experian. A minimum 550 FICO score is required for all applicants. Note that a 5% to 10% monthly Savings Plan is required with this offer. Call for specific details.

This offer requires that Bankruptcies must be dismissed or discharged at least 12 months prior to the application.